Constellation builds its research agenda from client input, primary research, and industry expertise. The research agenda is updated on an ongoing basis and published on a quarterly basis. This is not a promise to deliver but more provided to give clients a direction of what will be published when.

Title Publication Date Research Product Analyst
Constellation's Futurist Framework PESTEL Analysis for 2018 Q4 2017 Premium Research R "Ray" Wang
Market Overview - Synchronous Ledger Technologies Q1 2018 Premium Research Steve Wilson
ML & AI Supercharge Fraud Analysis at Danske Bank Q1 2018 Academy Case Study Doug Henschen
How Communications Platforms Drive Customer Engagement Q1 2018 Premium Research Cindy Zhou
Make the Build vs. Buy Decision on ML and AI Applications Q2 2018 Quarks Doug Henschen
Data Lake 2.0: Pragmatic, Multi-Cloud, Multi-Lake Strategies For Big Data Flexibility Q2 2018 Premium Research Doug Henschen
Challenges in Algorithmic Ethics Q2 2018 Quarks Steve Wilson
Intelligence at the Edge: Powering Smart IoT, Remote and Mobile Analytics Q3 2018 Quarks Doug Henschen
Embedded BI and Analytics: Put Insight Into Context Q3 2018 Premium Research Doug Henschen
Real-Time Imperative: Catch Up to Streaming Data Apps & Insights Q3 2018 Premium Research Doug Henschen