Constellation builds its research agenda from client input, primary research, and industry expertise. The research agenda is updated on an ongoing basis and published on a quarterly basis. This is not a promise to deliver but more provided to give clients a direction of what will be published when.

Title Publication Date Research Product Analyst
Constellation's Futurist Framework PESTEL Analysis for 2018 Q4 2017 Premium Research R "Ray" Wang
MapR Vendor Profile Q1 2018 Vendor Profile Holger Mueller
Platform-as-a-Service Market Overview Q1 2018 Premium Research Holger Mueller
Case study - C3 IoT and Engie Q1 2018 Academy Case Study Holger Mueller
How Communications Platforms Drive Customer Engagement Q1 2018 Premium Research Cindy Zhou
Market Overview - Synchronous Ledger Technologies Q1 2018 Premium Research Steve Wilson
Cloud Infrastructure Selection Matrix Q1 2018 Premium Research Holger Mueller, R "Ray" Wang
Challenges in Algorithmic Ethics Q2 2018 Quarks Steve Wilson