Connected Enterprise Innovation Summit

Just a warning... this is your last chance to watch Constellation's Connected Enterprise session recordings! On February 2, the majority of the recordings will be restricted to Research Unlimited and Constellation Executive Network members.

Are your employees doing the right thing? Are your teams empowered to make the right decision for your customers? At the Constellation  Research Connected Enterprise conference, moderator, Esteban Kolsky, Board of Advisor, Constellation Research, grilled a panel of customer experience innovators on just how “digital” was transforming the customer experience. It’s a great, short video with a few surprises. Some of my favourite quotes:...

View the tweet stream from Constellation's fourth annual Connected Enterprise innovation summit.

Demands for CDOs across all industries reached fever pitch five minutes ago, but that's old news to you, isn't it?

You were on board years ago. Other C-suite residents may argue that a CDO should be assisted by the patronage of a more established department; however, you know the organization needs an unencumbered leader to drive a digital-first mindset into your organization's DNA.

It's time for you to attend Constellation's Connected Enterprise.

Connected Enterprise is not for every CIO.

Connected Enterprise is for the forward-thinking CIO. CIOs who attend Connected Enterprise are not interested in simply maintaining IT systems. CIOs who attend Connected Enterprise are interested in challenging the status quo, breaking down silos, and experiementing with new business models in order to introduce emerging technologies to their organizations.

You already know the big picture--Constellation's Connected Enterprise is the innovation summit for the enterprise. Now you want to know how attending Connected Enterprise will benefit you as an HR professional.

Constellation's Connected Enterprise Logo #CCE2014San Francisco, CA, September 4, 2014. Constellation Research, the research and advisory firm helping clients dominate digital disruption announced details of the fourth-annual Connected Enterprise innovation summit. Constellation’s Connected Enterprise is an immersive innovation summit for senior business leaders using digital technologies to transform their organizations. This three-day executive retreat features mind expanding keynotes from visionaries, interactive best practices panels, deep 1:1 interviews with market makers, new technology demos, The Constellation SuperNova Awards Gala Dinner, a golf outing, and an immersive networking event.

Company culture: the secret ingredient in the creation of the industry's leading HRtech products

Future of Work Visionaries panel at Constellation's Connected Enterprise. Four future of work executives share their companies' approaches to producing the industry's most intuitive and innovative HR products.

[Video]Data Data to Decisions Visionaries panel at Constellation's Connected Enterprise. Three data executives share their takeaways from their lengthy careers in big data/analytics.