SlamData US Mobile Case StudySlamData Provides Missing Platform for NoSQL Data Insight

US Mobile implemented SlamData to deliver critical analytics capabilities that were lost after US Mobile rebuilt its core applications on a NoSQL data platform. In 2016, US Mobile rebuilt its core business applications (which previously ran on a relational database) on MongoDB, a NoSQL data platform. The move gave US Mobile fexibility, scalability and better support for microservices, but it also meant existing queries, reports, data visualizations and analyses had to be rebuilt. What’s more, support for SQL, the query language native to relational databases, is not natively supported in MongoDB.

Many organizations struggle to fill the gap left by the lack of SQL support when using NoSQL stores, whether MongoDB or other options, like Couchbase or MarkLogic. US Mobile considered several approaches to close the gap. US Mobile chose SlamData for its combination of SQL querying against NoSQL sources coupled with interactive data-analysis, visualization and dashboarding capabilities. SlamData was deployed on a synced replica of US Mobile’s production MongoDB database within one day. 

This case study documents the return on investment, performance enhancements, and efficiency gains experienced by US Mobile resulting from its SlamData implementation. The report includes lessons learned from the implementation and recommendations for organizations pursuing a similar strategy. 

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