How Marketing Automation Transforms Your Marketing in the Age of Conversation

Market and Vendor Overview

Today's marketers are consistently challenged to do more with less. Faced with an explosion in digital and social channels and an empowered and demanding customer base, marketers are turning to marketing automation software to manage, measure and scale their digital efforts.

The first generation of marketing automation software delivered significant value to those willing to invest in the solutions. However, changing market conditions have placed pressure on marketers and vendors alike, and a burgeoning range of vendors, features and functions adds a layer of confusion, obscuring the benefits offered by marketing automation.

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Purpose & Intent: 

This market overview looks at vendor offerings and identifies the key strengths of leading marketing automation software (MAS) platforms. It examines the changing landscape for marketers, the shift of power from corporations to consumers and the expanding role of multi-channel customer experience in driving sales and delivering brand value.


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