How Machine Learning and AI will Change BI and AnalyticsFive Innovations Democratizing Data Prep, Discovery, Analysis, Prediction and Data-Driven Decisions

The tech world is abuzz with talk of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). Fueling the frenzy are high-profile consumer offerings such as smart personal assistants, image- and face- recognition apps and self-driving cars. Now businesspeople are asking, “How will ML and AI change my business, and can they simplify decision-making?”

The next breakthroughs in business intelligence and analytics will see ML and AI used to improve data access and data quality, uncover previously hidden insights, suggest analyses, deliver predictions and suggest actions. What’s more, natural language (NL) interfaces will make it easier for business users without knowledge of data science or query languages to gain insights and make better decisions based on data.

This report examines how “smart” capabilities in five areas—data prep, data analysis and discovery, NL query, prediction and prescriptive recommendations—are democratizing data analysis. This report explains which smart analytics features are commonplace versus those that are cutting edge and identifies users that might bene t most from these emerging capabilities. This report concludes with recommendations for organizations seeking to implement smart analytics capabilities.

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