Kubernetes Workload Portability Gets Easy 

This Offering Overview provides an in-depth look at Google GKE On-Prem and analyzes its ability to deliver a next-generation computing platform for enterprises that want to deploy workloads across on-premises equipment and the public cloud. 

Google GKE On-Prem does this well for Kubernetes loads, thanks to the high level of identicality between GKE Cloud and GKE On-Prem. Identicality  allows enterprises to move workloads from the cloud to on-premises equipment with minimal effort. Google’s degree of identicality is very high for Kubernetes loads but more limited for any load from the Google Cloud to be brought on-premises. But that is not much of a detriment to GKE On-Prem’s success at the moment because enterprises all want to use Kubernetes for their workloads. And Google, as the originator of Kubernetes, enjoys high levels of trust and viability when it comes to managing Kubernetes loads both in the cloud and on-premises with GKE On-Prem. 

This Offering Overview is published in conjunction with the Market Overview “Next-Gen Computing: The Enterprise Computing Model for the 2020s.” 

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