About This Constellation ShortList™

About Matrix Commerce

Matrix Commerce™ analyzes the disruptive pressures influencing the commerce paradigm. Commerce 
faces rapidly changing business models and new payment options that are often misunderstood and poorly integrated. 

Matrix commerce means the fusing of demand signals and supply chains in an increasingly complex world of buyers seeking frictionless buying experiences. Friction in this new world originates from new regulatory requirements, such as sustainability, taxation and privacy.

As the world revolves around the buyer, channels, demand signals, supply chains, payment options, enablers, and big data will converge to create what Constellation coined in 2011 as Matrix Commerce. Matrix Commerce spans across disciplines as people, process, and technologies continue to transform today's commerce models. The goal is to deliver campaign to commerce with a customer-centric point of view.

About Digital Asset Management for High Volume Commerce

Digital Asset Management (DAM) enables brands to manage, deliver, analyze and renew all forms of digital content across all possible channels. Early adopters employ DAM solutions to manage content and context in order to drive customer experience and commerce. This category covers the vendors who can scale DAM for high volume commerce.

Threshold Criteria

Constellation considers the following criteria for these solutions:

  • Content support
  • Workflows and approvals
  • Metadata management
  • Taxonomy and automated ontologies
  • Rights management
  • Rendition management
  • Search
  • Globalization
  • Localization
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Integration with complementary systems 
  • High-scale transaction volumes
  • Enterprise scale security
  • Machine learning and contextual recommendations 

The Constellation ShortList

Constellation evaluates over 65 solutions categorized in this market. This Constellation ShortList is determined by client inquiries, partner conversations, customer references, vendor selection projects, market share, and internal research.

  • Adobe
  • Aprimo DAM
  • Bynder
  • Northplains
  • OpenText

Frequency of Evaluation

Each Constellation ShortList evaluation will be updated every 180 days as needed.

Evaluation Services

Constellation clients may work with the analyst and research team to conduct a more thorough discussion of this ShortList. Constellation can also provide guidance in vendor selection and contract negotiation.

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