Video Is Gaining Traction as an Effective Service Channel for Customer Engagement

Multi-channel customer support is expanding to include video transactions that provide a deeper customer experience. The rapid growth of consumer use of video is now moving to brands that want to better serve their customers and deliver rich-media video content to their smartphones and websites. The two main types of customer support video are video streaming and video chat sessions. Video enables companies to convey information faster and more accurately and reduces agent transaction-handling time. Although video conferencing is an established technology for business collaboration, its use for customer support is just beginning to expand. However, just offering video content or chat sessions is not enough to succeed. Brands need to promote their video support services, generate interest in its content and engage in best practices for its use. Expect video to soon become a mainstay in customer service as companies continue to extend their reach to the smartphone and tablet users while conveying complex information more succinctly than verbal or written statements.

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