What enterprise business problem do you solve?: 
Organizations increasingly need to stand up next-generation applications that must deal with multiple, siloed systems connected to disjointed data sources; running in complex environments; with large numbers of assets, devices, or sensors; that are producing increasing amounts of data, much of it unused or ‘dark'; where system reliability, data privacy, and security, are paramount; and that must become increasingly intelligent and autonomous over time. Most organizations do not have the skills or time to build such systems. Pratexo is the intelligent edge innovation platform that simplifies and accelerates the design, provisioning, and management of the edge nodes and micro clouds required to host these next-generation applications.
Who are your first pilot customers? (It’s okay if you don’t have one yet, but if you do, please list): 
HKN, the Norwegian electrical grid provider, uses a series of edge nodes, each powered by Pratexo, to run software at each transformer station 'edge'. These nodes analyze many data feeds, including the sound that each transformer is making, and then use machine learning algorithms to predict if that sound means impending trouble. This allows HKN to take actions proactively to protect their grid, reduce maintenance costs, and eliminate huge fines for outages. Note that Pratexo only began its go to market efforts in January of 2021 and already has a dozen other customers at the pilot phase, in addition to HKN which is now live and in production.
What technologies do you use?: 
By default, the Pratexo platform generates architectures based on open source components and open standards. However, proprietary tools and components may be incorporated into a configuration depending on the requirements of a particular use case. The feature model that powers the Pratexo Platform Configurator contains the specifications for over 100 different potential components, with the list growing daily.
Which category do you see yourself in?: 
Data to Decisions and AI
Where is the company headquartered?: 
Austin, TX
How many employees do you have today?: 
What is the state of your minimal viable offering?: 
How much money have you raised as of 1/1/2021?: 
$500,000 to $1,000,000
What round of funding will you be seeking next?: 
Any other comments you wish to provide?: 
Question asked how much we have raised as of 1/1/21. Note that we also closed a $3.5M seed round in June.