Levyl, Inc

What enterprise business problem do you solve?: 
Levyl is a legal technology company dedicated to simplifying manual and complex processes by delivering innovative technology solutions. With Disclosure-Pro, the first automated, collaborative digital experience designed for family law practices and their clients, law firms leverage digital tools, automation, strategic third-party integrations and secure document and data delivery to simplify the financial affidavit process, reduce errors and increase productivity in case strategy & negotiation.
Who are your first pilot customers? (It’s okay if you don’t have one yet, but if you do, please list): 
Disclosure-Pro will be launched in a number of Colorado law firms as part of the initial beta launch starting in late August.
What technologies do you use?: 
CloudWatch for log/metric collection and alarming CloudFormation for managing AWS configuration as code CodeCommit/CodePipeline/CodeBuild/ CodeDeploy for source code and build operations AWS Amplify for integrating with AWS services  React-Redux for web state management   Jest and JUnit for unit and integration testing  PDF Generator API for form generation (https://pdfgeneratorapi.com/)  Exceljs for Excel spreadsheet creation (https://www.npmjs.com/package/exceljs)  Plaid for account/financial verification       (https://plaid.com)
Which category do you see yourself in?: 
Core Tech Infrastructre and Platforms
Where is the company headquartered?: 
How many employees do you have today?: 
What is the state of your minimal viable offering?: 
How much money have you raised as of 1/1/2021?: 
$250,000 to $500,000
What round of funding will you be seeking next?: 
Any other comments you wish to provide?: 
Levyl is excited to participate in The Pitch. We are looking forward to learn who will be included as finalists. Thank you for taking time to review our submission.