Strata Identity

What enterprise business problem do you solve?: 
Enterprise digital transformation initiatives have driven a “new normal” of multi-cloud adoption, and many organizations use three or more cloud platforms today. Problem is, each cloud brings with it proprietary and largely incompatible identity systems. This has resulted in distributed identity and application infrastructure along with siloed identities, app fragmentation, lock-in to legacy IdPs, and the costly need to rewrite apps for modernization. Strata solves these problems with a distributed identity management solution built on the Maverics Identity Orchestration Platform. Maverics enables businesses to adopt multi-cloud in a secure and agile way without any of the manual work that’s traditionally required. The Platform automates complex identity integrations by enabling disparate identity systems to work as one via an abstracted Identity Fabric layer that coordinates policies and identities across multiple clouds. Most importantly it does all this without the need to rewrite anything or touch a single line of code in business-critical applications.
Who are your first pilot customers? (It’s okay if you don’t have one yet, but if you do, please list): 
Customers include The Kroger Company and Syniverse. Additionally, several Fortune 500 companies in Financial Services, Technology, and Retail have completed successful POCs. Three of the four largest cloud service providers have expressed interest in Strata and are in various stages of evaluating and deploying Maverics. New York Life, Disney, Wells Fargo, Schwab, EA, Citi, and 40 other enterprises have worked with Strata to provide crucial customer development input that has focused the company’s development efforts on solving real-world problems such as unified management of siloed distributed IAM, securing IAM for hybrid architectures, and automated migration and modernization of IAM from on-prem to the cloud.
What technologies do you use?: 
Strata utilize a new software approach to solving the fragmentation and lock-in problems associated with distributed, multi-cloud identity. Traditional tech such as SAML and Federated SSO are not built for the challenges of distributed identity data and centralizing user identities is impossible due to the security, political and economic factors at play. Strata created Identity Orchestration in direct response to customers’ need for a frictionless way to integrate multiple identity systems without the need to refactor apps or disrupt existing user access workflows. The Maverics Platform does this through an abstraction layer called the Identity Fabric that pre-integrates all of the different clouds, identity systems, and manual processes needed to support distributed identity. Identities are then delivered to all of a customers’ applications in the format that they expect, all without changing the apps themselves. This approach allows for phased migration events and further supports the coexistence of legacy and cloud-based identity and authentication services.
Which category do you see yourself in?: 
Core Tech Infrastructre and Platforms
Where is the company headquartered?: 
Boulder Co
How many employees do you have today?: 
What is the state of your minimal viable offering?: 
Generally Available
How much money have you raised as of 1/1/2021?: 
What round of funding will you be seeking next?: 
Any other comments you wish to provide?: 
Strata’s new technology was developed by innovators with a long history of solving identity challenges. Strata’s founders co-authored the SAML standard, and Maverics is the first Identity Orchestration platform built to automate the management of distributed cloud, data center, and hybrid infrastructures. No other solution provides a unified view and controls across all clouds or automatically creates an inventory of identity software, user repositories, apps, and configurations for on-premises and public clouds. Customers can easily and securely move their business applications from behind the firewall to the cloud, and conversely, extend access for on-premises apps to cloud-based users with a Zero Trust Security approach. This helps customers become more agile and adaptive to market conditions and unexpected scenarios like COVID that suddenly forced organizations to support remote work. Strata finished second in the 2021 RSA Conference Innovation Sandbox contest for Start-up of the Year. Gartner named Strata a 2020 Cool Vendor for Identity Management.