What enterprise business problem do you solve?: 
The questions of where the employees will sit, when their shifts will end, and what happens if they need to leave earlier for personal matters are irrelevant in the New Normal of Work. The only question you should be asking is: "Do my employees really need to come to the office every day in order to be productive, happy, and engaged?" To solve the New Normal we: Provide decision support to managers, personalized workplans for employees, insights into teams’ productivity, collaboration, and office footprint Allow to grow your workforce while reducing office footprint Manage all your distributed workforce in one place Improve Engagement and Retention through Employee Experience Managers Increase your teams’ productivity by boosting their wellbeing Improve Engagement & Retention Massively save on rent, utilities, insurance, amenities, etc Employees Improve work-life balance by having more time for your family and loved ones Eliminate commuting and use that time to be more productive and get paid more Save on daily expenses by working from your home
Who are your first pilot customers? (It’s okay if you don’t have one yet, but if you do, please list): 
Our solution created a product-market fit for 3 categories: Corporates, Coworkings, and Commercial Real Estate. Corporate clients: We are running POCs with some of the largest consultancies, such as Baker Tilly and Deloitte Israel helping with transformation of work. Our solution is also used by a number of small and mid-sized companies to help manage their flexible workforce and facilities (Agritask, PRPL, ICV, Stoke, Nogamy, The Ramon Foundation, and more) Coworking clients: With our solution provided to coworking members, we increase their people-to-desk ratio while moving revenue base from "pay-per-desk" to "pay-per-usage". Validated by existing partnerships with Rooms by Fattal and BE All (Israel), we helped them to increase their revenue by an average of 30% per desk Commercial Real Estate clients: We have a POC alliance with Atidim Tel-aviv (Commercial Real Estate disctrict of Tel-aviv) to help manage their tenant's flexibility and increase revenue through optimal planning and allocation of their Real Estate
What technologies do you use?: 
By using our patented ML algorithm MACHINE LEARNING MODEL FOR ALLOCATION OF RESOURCES, we collect and analyze 50+ data points to provide automated and adjustable decision-making, enabling distinctevily true flexiblity for organizations Organizations gain full visibility into their distributed forces, receive data insights on their location footprint and utilization, team work and projects’ progress, personal KPIs, team collaboration, and much more. Companies can easily adjust parameters based on their business needs and preferences, look at the results, and make informed decisions Using REST API, we connect our system with tools such as Slack, Teams, Gmail & Outlook, Jira, Google Maps, etc. By collecting and correlate various data points to provide data-driven insights and empower organizations to manage workforce and facilities' Flexbility within a single holistic and centralized platform After receiving enough data we develop NLPs, decision trees, linear & logistic regressions, learning vector quantization, etc. to find the best decision drivers
Which category do you see yourself in?: 
Data to Decisions and AI
Where is the company headquartered?: 
San Francisco
How many employees do you have today?: 
What is the state of your minimal viable offering?: 
Generally Available
How much money have you raised as of 1/1/2021?: 
$100,000 to $250,000
What round of funding will you be seeking next?: 
Any other comments you wish to provide?: 
Our market turned from pre-consideration to consideration stage just about 2 months ago. On a daily basis, we're being proactively approached by companies we tried to convince to use our paltform during the Covid period. Now they're looking for a solution as they understand that the situation is non-reversible: employees want flexibility on a daily basis and offices are staying half-empty. Every day now we are onboarding new clients, gathering data to improve our ML/AI algorithms, updating features, and integrating with leading software providers' APIs (Slack, Teams, Gmail & Outlook, Jira, Google Maps, etc.). Our product is fully functional and already deployed by a number of small and mid-sized companies worldwide. Moving from POCs with several departments to be adopted by the whole organization. We have a two-year advantage on our competitors and our patent will allow us to develop the project in many different ways. Each new customer validates that our solution is exactly what they need in order to solve the New Normal of hybrid work.