Constellation Insights
May 7, 2024

RSA Conference 2024 in a nutshell: What you need to know

Google Cloud launched Threat Intelligence, Cisco and Splunk outlined integrations and new security offerings, Palo Alto Networks outlined its AI and cybersecurity future and CrowdStrike, Fastly and a bevy of others had announcements. Akamai acquired Noname Security.

Constellation Insights
May 6, 2024

Palantir US commercial revenue up 40% in Q1

Palantir continued to gain enterprise customers in the first quarter as it delivered first quarter earnings in line with expectations. Commercial revenue was up 40% in the US from a year ago with global government revenue up 16%.

Constellation Insights
May 5, 2024

Generative AI spending will move beyond the IT budget

Generative AI will drive IT budgets, but the spending is likely to be spread around a bevy of business units too. The more likely outcome is that generative AI spending for projects will be spread around business units and be absorbed in the budgets that run the entire enterprise.