In 2018, Origin Coffee Roasters was proudly established in Maui, Hawai’i. Our intention is to highlight the origin or source of our seasonal coffee offerings, along with the people and culture that surrounds them.

The Founder
Origin’s founder and roastmaster is Heather Brisson-Lutz. Her journey with coffee began as a part-time barista job at a specialty roaster in the midwest over 15 years ago. It wasn’t long before her part-time job became a full-time career pursuit. Heather soon became inspired by cafes and roasters in the Pacific Northwest, and within a few years she was on a successful path honing her craft as a barista in Portland, Oregon.

Over the years Heather became more intrigued by the roasting room, and especially interested in the intricate journey of a coffee bean. She envisioned each one, from the farmers hands, to the skilled roastmaster, to the customers first taste. She’s accelerated in her career as a roastmaster and over the years has been acknowledged by many as a leader in the field.

Today Heather is a well-seasoned coffee professional continuing to innovate and lead in the field. This is where Origin Coffee Roasters come into the picture. Heather knows that there is no better place on Earth for her than Maui, and no better place for coffee either.

A lifelong dream to be in Hawai’i has brought Heather and her family to the island and she commits to establishing the strongest connection possible to this spectacular growing region and its vibrant community of coffee lovers.

The Farmers
Origin Coffee Roasters believe in having a direct relationship to farmers. Heather has been on sourcing trips and met with farmers around the world, developing sustainable and compassionate relationships from bean to cup. She knows that farm workers are an integral part of the whole process, and believes there is a unique bond formed between farmer and roaster that is more honest and collaborative when the
purchasing relationship is direct.

Farmworkers are on the frontline of the crop. They nurture the quality and care that comes forth at first taste. Origin believes that infusing lasting relationships to workers creates a higher success rate for us all. Origin Coffee Roasters are about doing better. We don’t rely on labels or policies as much as we rely on building and keeping good relationships, and it shows in our farming relationships and throughout our entire company culture.