The Guittard Chocolate Company is an American-based chocolate maker which produces couverture chocolate, using original formulas and traditional French methods. The company is headquartered in Burlingame, California. It is the oldest continuously family-owned chocolate company in the United States,having been family-owned.

Guittard Chocolate is preferred by many gourmet pastry chefs as being an American-made chocolate of very high quality. Now you can enjoy it as a snack or in your favorite recipes. This delicious chocolate has a long and interesting history.

Etienne Guittard journeyed from France to San Francisco in the mid 1800's, searching for gold that he never found. Mr. Guittard also brought delicious chocolate from his uncle's factory in France, making him a very popular fellow. This inspired Etienne to establish the Guittard Chocolate Company in San Francisco, in 1868.

The Guittard family has continued in the tradition of Etienne and his uncle for four generations, making chocolate of the highest quality in the San Francisco Bay area for over a century, with the utmost care given to crafting their chocolate.