Open any bottle of Brian Carter Cellars wine and you’ll discover both an inspiration and a story. Our handcrafted wines reflect classic elegance and the centuries-old tradition found in true European-style blends. Balanced and well-rounded, each wine speaks anew to the art of blending and showcases Brian’s personal passion for making exemplary European-style blends from Washington State’s unique terroir.

Just as an artist ponders each color possibility, winemaker Brian Carter deliberates long and hard over his broad palette of grape varietals, blending around the edges to create an inspired new world representation of each European-style he makes. Brian didn’t set out to be a blender. His art grew out of science and agriculture, and in fact, one wasn’t possible without the other. Since coming to Washington State in 1980, Brian has been at the forefront of the Washington wine industry. By encouraging growers to plant different varietals, he influenced both the quantity and quality of Washington State varietals, and tremendous improvements in the industry. In turn he was able to develop the concept for Brian Carter Cellars and his passion for blending.