Zach Jeans is Vice President Of Marketing at AbsenceSoft, with particular expertise in facilitating conversations regarding leadership, brand strategy, and digital disruption.

Zach Jeans founded and worked as an independent strategist at Tourizing from 2012 to 2018, a consulting firm that advised multiple Salesforce Partners, & customers, bringing clarity to their business development, and marketing strategy.

Zach has been the number one Salesforce influencer on Twitter according to research done by Run Consultants in 2014 & 2015. He has also earned the distinction of being in the Top 50 retweeted people in the world by CIOs. He is a Constellation Research Orbits member, a select group focused on digital disruption in technology, business models, and society. Beyond the focus of Salesforce, Zachary was co-leader of LeadWithGiants for 5 years, an organization dedicated to raising up 10,000 uplifting leaders across eduction, business, tech, and government. He then founded and co-leads ImpactMatters Chat, a leadership-oriented community devoted to discovering the methods, means, and mindsets that empower individuals and organizations to make the most impact. He frequently advocates for Women In Tech, childhood technical training, and clean water projects through CharityWater.