Vera Silver has over 25 years of technology experience. She has been on the forefront of data and its monetization since the inception of the field and leveraged data mining models for analytics and big data solutions years before it became the norm. Her love of data and its ability to create simple solutions from complex problems and love of technology have enabled her to become a passionate, focused leader.

Prior to joining Barclays, Vera spent more than 16 years running large scale technologies teams at Goldman Sachs. These teams provided software for multiple transaction cycles, including sales, operations, and compliance. Currently, she is the Director of CDO Transformation. At Barclays, Vera focuses on not just the technologies but the people on her team, making sure that the human connection is a part of every day.

Vera is a member of the WIT network and loves mentoring junior staff and promoting diversity and inclusion at Barclays. She is on the member of the Innovation Board at Queens college where she helps to foster and develop future technology stars.

Vera earned an BA degree in Computer Science and holds a Series 99 license. She lives in Manhattan with her daughter and enjoys spending time with her family, friends and being active in her community.