Milind Kamkolkar is the CDO of Sanofi, a company focused on empowering lives through human health. Milind’s focus is driving and transforming Sanofi from a data generation organization to an insights generating organization where data is a monetizable asset on par with product and shareholder value.
Milind is both an intrapreneur and entrepreneur and joined Sanofi from a career spanning big pharma, big and boutique consulting and numerous technology and software startup companies focused on health, technology and data. His impact has led to multi-billion dollar impact stemming from blending insights and approaches across industries to solve complex human health problems at scale.
Milind is a featured speaker (TedX), Business Transformation Top 150 Leader and thought leader in Digital Health, AI & Big Data. Milind serves as a Board Advisor and mentor to OccamzRazor, and (deep learning and blockchain companies), Honorary Lecturer for physician entrepreneurship at BartsX, Faculty at Exponential Medicine and Special Advisor to the UN Global Sustainability program.