Liza Lichtinger focuses on the relationships between human behavior and forms of intelligence. In the years 2017-2019 Liza received grants to research resilience, consciousness, and decision making for Entrepreneurs and Executive Leadership in the context of Human Machine Interaction.  Examples of her work include the Loving AI project (Sophia) in which Liza focused on the inner workings of Robot Heart which has received international recognition.

Liza has most recently returned to Silicon Valley from APAC to join the AI Foundation in the role of Director of Research where she focuses on how to improve forms of intelligence and technology interaction with people in a natural and meaningful manner.  The primary question that Liza asks is “What is the “I” in AI?”

Liza remains Founder of MindfulExistenC, a Wellbeing, Mindfulness, and Development Organization, Owner of Future Design Station, which focuses on Human Machine Interaction and decision making. She is an investor in Human Development, Mentor at Founder Institute, Chinacelerator, NBCC Foundation, serves on the advisory board at VERSES and Ben Gurion University, sits on the board of NHSA (Negev Hi-Tech), active member of IEEE’s UN Secretary-General’s High-Level Panel on Digital Cooperation on ECPAIS, and advises top-tier VC’s in intuitive decision making strategy leveraging her background in Tech and Wellness. 

Liza holds Masters degrees in Counseling and Clinical Psychology, certification in Human Capital Development from Cornell, degree in Data Science, training in Neuroscience, Statistics and Computer Science. It is her belief that the integral intersection of humans and intelligence will only be achieved as the fundamental requirements for Human Capital Development move hand in hand with and made available to business, government, and education