Kim Smith has spent the past 30 years pioneering cloud and digital innovation to empower people and organizations through nascent technologies and accelerators as they redefine themselves, radically grow, and extend their reach exponentially by re-envisioning customer experiences, employee engagement, operational processes, and business models critical to driving profitability via transformation in the markets they serve. She has defined the go-to-market and portfolio strategy across digital and cloud services for a multitude of technology platforms, industries, and sectors at organizations such as The Bank of New York, Microsoft, Adobe, Capgemini, and IBM as well as a number of startup organizations.  She has led $20B+ P&L businesses and Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), global corporate and non-profit boards as well as served as Corporate Social Responsibility Officer overseeing programs, investments, and initiatives to create empowerment through diversity & inclusion, community engagement, and sustainability.