I have operated over the past 35 years working with senior executives at the intersection of business strategy and information technology because this is the most fertile ground for value creation and performance improvement. I've been on both sides of the table - both as an advisor in consulting engagements and as a co-founder and senior executive of enterprises.

I continue to strike a balance between consulting work and writing. The opportunity to get deeply involved in specific client issues and then to step back and reflect on broader trends helps me to be more effective on both fronts. My goal is to continue to peer over the horizon to understand how the global economy is being reshaped but to translate the insights into actionable advice that can deliver tangible impact to businesses today. More fundamentally, my goal is to continue to meet interesting people, address challenging situations that will help me to grow and find ways to pursue my passion in my day job while making a reasonable living to support my family.

Specialties: Business strategy, information technology, marketing strategy, change management, growth strategy, operational performance improvement, leveraging network-enabled business models and ecosystems, offshoring and outsourcing