During Dr. Libove's 28-year career, he led the team that developed the first commercially successful MC68000/Unix supermicro; invented the first disk controller architecture capable of fully-hardware-implemented zero-latency transfers (US Patent # 4,584,617); invented and designed the first computer bus anomaly trigger (automatic bus protocol and timing detection system), whose massively parallel triggering architecture is used in virtually all of the world's bus analyzers; designed the first VME bus timing analyzer and first PCI bus timing analyzer and anomaly trigger; and co-invented, the first accurate non-contact AC voltage measuring system (US Patent # 5,473,244) and DC measuring system (US Patent #6,452,398, with Steve Chacko). Additionally, in 2002, he designed a PCI data acquisition system capable of acquiring 8GB of uninterrupted data at up to 1.25 Gigasamples/second, making it the deepest high-speed A/D board in the industry. Joel holds over 16 patents and has published numerous papers. Currently, he sits on the board of ADAX Corporation and Ultraview Corporation.

Joel received his Masters and PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley, with an emphasis in high-speed digital and analog circuit design. Dr. Libove's PhD research was in the area of NMR blood flow imaging. He also holds a BSEE from Cornell University.