For twenty years of her professional career, she’s been inseparably connected with the new technologies and professional services industry. As CFO, HR director and Head of the Controlling Department, implemented complex transformation and business growth projects for IT companies. She supervised the processes of acquisitions and merging global organizations with local entities, including both finance aspects and sensitive areas of reconciling different corporate cultures. She believes that alliance of those two areas  - profits and people is a powerful engine of transformation and growth.

She combines the extensive experience of CFO and HR manager with deep knowledge of digital technologies. She strongly believes in the power of empathy in human resources management. She also adheres to the principle that people create corporate culture, not just regulations and codes of conduct. As an advocate of innovation, appreciates the advantage of properly used technology. In one of the interviews, she said: "(…) real employee empowerment is possible only thanks to the knowledge of his real needs, expectations and feelings at every stage of his relationship with the organization, and regardless of his seniority or location in the structure. This gives the company a unique opportunity to proactively respond to his needs, as well as i.e. potential crises related to limited motivation or a disturbed work-life balance. Modern Employee Experience Management technology brings a humanistic element to the employee-corporation relationship, which is a fundamental for "employee involvement". Only then is an effective dialogue about efficiency, loyalty and ownership possible ..."

Today Joanna is a VP responsible for finance and HR at Hycom - a leading European service provider in the area of ​​Customer Experience and Digital Business. Under her aegis, the HEX - Hycom Employee eXperience project was implemented, which set a new standard in times of social distancing, remote work and disturbed interpersonal relations.