Farukh Aslam is a commercial real estate developer based in Texas focusing in hotels, office buildings and upscale apartments. In 1999, he started in Telecom infrastructure and focused on VoIP when it was still in its infancy. At that time, he started a company that became Asia’s 3rd largest FTTH network with over 800 employees. Lately his focus is ‘Digital Buildings’ and IoT in commercial applications. He has deployed PoE to power and support lighting and building infrastructure such as video surveillance and access control, working with companies including LG, Electric Mirror and Somfy to pioneer PoE for large-screen TVs, motorized window shades, digital mirrors, and hotel mini-bars, to name a few. One of the most fascinating technologies he is currently working with is ‘Digital Electricity’, which he recently deployed in a Marriott hotel in Fort Worth, Texas. Farukh sees this technology as having the possibility of completely eliminating high voltage electricity from buildings. Looking forward, Farukh is developing a complete DC apartment building with a DC micro-grid including solar power, DC-powered appliances, and a complete Digital Electricity Backbone.