Dr. Janice Presser spent her formative years researching how people team together, finding answers in systems theory and physics. Having written her first line of code in high school, she was positioned to architect a system to measure how people work together and develop the underlying theory and practice of Teaming Science. The author of seven books on teaming, she consults to executives and is currently working on the question of how current world events will impact relationships - both professional and personal - in the future.

As a systems scientist and architect of the technology that powers Teamability®, she has studied team interaction in academic, clinical, and business settings for well over 25 years, and has shared her expertise in the areas of human metrics and measurements, workforce planning, and human capital assessment with professional organizations as well as clients from start-ups to multinationals. Information on her currently available books can be found on her Amazon author page.

In an era of digital disruption and transformational change, Dr. Janice’s integrated technology and management methods are used to design collaborative cultures, to produce extraordinary business results, and to open new pathways to meaningful work and holistic health.

[email protected] is the best way to reach her, although if she’s extraordinarily busy with her new clients it might be a day or so before you get a response. (Did we mention she’s the one to talk to if you need the ultimate consult on matters of the lonely heart?) No worries! Whether you’re a member of the press on deadline, or a meeting planner in search of a speaker or panelist, or an executive needing an immediate discreet discussion, your email will get her attention and confidentiality - especially if you put CCE20 in the subject line!