Bus Departs for Graffiti Battle

3:30pm - 3:30pm, Feb 26

Ready to experience an amazing evening?  Want to strut your artistic side?

Meet us out front of the hotel to load the bus and head to the Glass Fusion Experience at Moltenworks.Read more

MoltenWorks and Dinner

4:00pm - 8:00pm, Feb 26

If you missed the fun from last year, be sure to be a part this year!
In this  experience, you'll be divided into teams and given a specific theme or topic to work with. Then, armed with nothing but your imagination and spray cans, you'll have a set
amount of time to create a masterpiece that will blow your competitors out of the water.
But it's not just about creating beautiful art; it's about teamwork, communication, and strategy. You'll need to work together to come up with a plan of attack, assign roles, and collaborate to
bring your vision to life....Read more

Insomniacs Club - Nido Cocktail Lounge

8:30pm - 11:59pm, Feb 26

Want to continue that incredible conversation?  Not ready to turn in?  Join us for the Insomniacs Club.

Away from the restless energy of the city, Nido at The Loren is a true rooftop oasis. Step into the glass elevator from the lobby of The Loren and emerge through the trees, and into a world of casually impeccable serviceRead more