Orbits LogoConstellation Orbits influencer program comprised of twenty thought leaders dedicated to analysis of digital disruption in business models, society, and technology

Establishes the Constellation blog as the enterprise’s most comprehensive source for analysis of the latest developments in disruptive technology

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, February 5, 2014—Constellation Research, Inc. (@ConstellationRG), the research and advisory firm helping clients dominate digital disruption through business models and disruptive technologies announced today the launch of Constellation Orbits, Constellation Research’s influencer network designed to extend Constellation’s coverage of digital disruption in technology, business models, and society.

Constellation Orbits is comprised of twenty thought leaders dedicated to the analysis of a range of disruptive technologies, thus enabling Constellation to provide its audience with the industry’s most comprehensive analysis of developments in disruptive technology. Constellation Orbits analysis will be available to the public on the Constellation blog. Constellation Orbits establishes the Constellation blog as the enterprise’s authoritative source for analysis of the latest developments in disruptive technology. Constellation Research plans to add additional members to the Orbits program as it identifies thought leaders on the frontiers of disruptive technology.

Constellation Orbits:

  • Guest blogs authored by Orbits members
  • Expands Constellation’s coverage areas to enable client organizations to dominate digital disruption
  • Constellation Orbits content accessible on the Constellation blog: https://www.constellationr.com/blog-news
  • Provides potential pathways to analyst status
  • Expands Constellation’s coverage to include business models, society, and technology
  • Twenty members

Orbits Members:

Constellation Research is committed to helping early adopter clients dominate digital disruption challenges. The Constellation Orbits program ensures Constellation’s early adopter and fast follower audience receives the most current and comprehensive disruptive technology research and analysis.

“The original premise of Constellation Research was to build a network of Constellation of ‘star’ thought leaders and bring them together with the purpose of helping clients dominate the disruption in business models and technologies”, said R “Ray” Wang, Constellation Research Founder and Chairman “Constellation Orbits ensures clients can connect with a thought leader specializing in any form of disruptive technology, so that they may dominate digital disruption across all sizes, industries, and geographies."

Constellation Orbits News & Analysis: https://www.constellationr.com/blog-news

Constellation Orbits thought leaders: https://www.constellationr.com/constellation-orbits

Join Constellation Orbits:
Constellation Research is accepting applications for the Constellation Orbits. If you are an influential thought leader in an area of disruptive technology, send your C.V. along with a writing sample to [email protected].

Constellation Research is a research and advisory firm that helps organizations navigate the challenges of digital disruption through business models transformation and the judicious application of disruptive technologies. This renowned group of experienced analysts, led by R "Ray" Wang, focuses on business-themed research including Digital Marketing Transformation; Future of Work; Next Generation Customer Experience; Data to Decisions; Matrix Commerce; Technology Optimization and Innovation; and Consumerization of IT and the New C-Suite.

Constellation's collection of prestigious analysts and Orbits members bring real world experience, independence, and objectivity to client solutions that span cross-role, cross-functional, and cross-industry points of view. Clients join Constellation Research for a fresh and business focused perspective.
Unlike the legacy analyst firms, Constellation Research is disrupting how research is accessed, what topics are covered, and how clients can partner with a research firm to achieve success. Over 225 clients have joined from an ecosystem of buyers, partners, solution providers, c-suite, board of directors and vendor clients.


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