Liz Miller is Vice President and Principal Analyst at Constellation focused on the business demands on today’s Chief Marketing Officer, the evolution of customer engagement and the rising requirement for a new security posture that accounts for the threat to brand trust.  

A 27-year marketing veteran, Liz offers guidance on the leadership, business transformation and technology requirements for today’s marketing organizations and how to effectively transform business models to stay competitive in the shifting digital landscape. She will examine the key trends modern CMOs face, ranging from the realities of engagement in the trust economy to how marketing has become enterprise security’s greatest threat and critical champion. Liz also tracks and investigates the shifting landscape of security, from the evolution of the Security Operations Center (SOC) to the required tools and talent required to secure the modern enterprise when people and devices are the perimiter of an organization.

Prior to joining Constellation, Liz oversaw research, programs and content for the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council, developing thought leadership agendas for CMOs around the globe. Liz also counseled numerous organizations on core messaging and competitive advantage, working with marketing, advertising and security solutions. Liz is a skilled moderator, facilitator and speaker, engaging C-suite executives in hundreds of industry webcasts and roundtables, keynote presentations and panels around the globe.