Candy CrushThe next generation of Enterprise Software Applications (#EnSW) will be as easy to download & use as Candy Crush, by, Ltd. They will make use of backend data systems, (PaaS), providers like Salesforce, IBM, AWS, and Rackspace. They’ll integrate with almost any app out there, including consumer apps that seemingly have no business value, but lifestyle value. They’ll work well because they’ve been designed well. And they’ll be beautiful.

The next generation of #EnSW will burn their old school competitors on cost because these solutions will be built by 2 people, not 200. Imagine a business paying 2% the cost of their existing CRM, ERP, or HCM solution. ‘In-app’ upgrades will be available for project durations, and advanced feature use will be unlocked for a small premium. For cash starved Non-Profits or start-ups, freemium versions will be available, with full features, monetized thru ‘in-app’ advertising. Envision these #EnSW disruptors offering to buy out their clients contract cancellation fees like T-Mobile recently did in the consumer cell phone market. It’ll be a wonderful world where a business doesn’t have to pay thousands of dollars to an implementation company or have a developers come in regularly to code new functionality. These divergent #EnSW apps will grab the untold hundred’s of millions of businesses that have yet to implement a business solution. They will own the emerging global markets in Africa, Eastern Europe, South and Central America.

The next generation of #EnSW will never have you enter data into a ‘field’ again, because it will be smart enough to know what to grab and where to put it. User security will be gamified ‘in-app’, rewarding good use, and creating negative sentiment in degrees for the bad use. User adoption will be viral; not the anemic grind that typically occurs when introducing a #EnSW solution in the workplace. The backend administration will be as fluid and fun as the front-end experience. The next gen #EnSW apps will be stupid easy, fun, insightful, witty, and helpful ~anything that isn’t, will get crushed.