Many times, the only way that you can stay in touch with others efficiently is through technology whether it’s by mobile app, email, website, or phone. That’s why Constellation Research created its own executive community, known as the Constellation Executive Network, to bring together leaders interested in finding answers within a trusted community, learn from one another, and enjoy one another’s company, insights, or opinions. If you saw my blog post on “What Is the Big Deal About an Executive Network?”, you’ll see that it all boils down to offering the option for innovative leaders who are a part of our ecosystem to join our inner circle, the Constellation Executive Network.

Our analysts happen to be the type of people you’d be happy to enjoy a couple drinks with, while either "talking shop” or just swapping travel, financial, or technology advice. Somehow, they have the right combination of experience, expertise, approachability, and directness that lends themselves to partnering well with people interested in their advice or perspective, while also being well-traveled and well-read, which makes them decent company to have any time. With any of them, there’s no shortage of topics to discuss, since they’re well versed on a variety of subjects and also have an unexpectedly wry sense of humor in many case. Plus, I don’t think I’ve ever heard any of them at a loss for words. 

In this New Age of Storytelling, our analysts deviate from the new norm because they don’t believe in storytelling for the sake of telling a story. Instead, they believe in “telling it like it is”, and there’s a lot of value in that general philosophy that guides their research, debates, and conversations. If you check out any of their profiles on our website, you can see what research they are working on and connect with them on Twitter to see what I mean. These domain experts comprise the core group of expert thought leaders that serve as resources and sounding boards for you in our inner circle tailored around the business needs of innovative enterprise technology buyers, the Constellation Executive Network

If you checked out my blog post entitled, How Do You Find True Value in the Vast Sea of Networks for People?, I pointed out that regardless of the how much technology adds to our lives, at the end of the day, the power of networks are in the interpersonal connections between people. 

For those of you who are sports fans, it comes down to decision time.

1) Are you going to stay a spectator and just sit on the sidelines of the Constellation Research ecosystem?

2) Are you ready to be proactive, to get involved, and to dive into the action, by joining our inner circle, the Constellation Executive Network, so that you are better positioned to drive changes in your business faster and more effectively?


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