My colleague Holger Mueller and I are in San Francisco this week attending BoxWorks, Box's annual user conference. Over the last few years Box has evolved their story from being just a cloud based file synchronization and storage (EFSS) company to more of a content-centric platform.  

Here are the things I'd like to hear about at BoxWorks 2015:

- Collaboration: What’s happening with BoxNotes? How about basic features like commenting, annotating, sharing, etc. 
- Task Management: One of the keys to collaboration is providing structure, organization and accountability. Today the task management features are very basic, what's coming?
- Metadata and workflow: These two architecture components are part of Box's great differentiation. What's happening with these features?
- What's In Box: The issue I have with Box is that unless someone sends you a link, it's pretty difficult to know what's in there. I want to know what's happening around analytics, dashboards, recommendations. (for people, content, actions, etc...)
- More than just files: I'd like to see Box be far more of an aggregation engine. Show files stored in other repositories, or perhaps not even files at all!  ex: webclip a website to Box, share a link to a Youtube video or Google Map.

Holger has lots of questions about Box's infrastructure, architecture, datacentres, app dev platform, and more.

Here's a short video from Holger and I discussing our hopes for BoxWorks. Enjoy...


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