What does the future of the Internet look like? Is it a force for good? 

In early 2019, half of the world will be online. This inflection point marks an extremely important moment for examining the unfinished work of the Internet and discussing the community norms, human rights and social contracts required in this exponential digital era.

On December 10, on the 70th Anniversary of the United Nations' Declaration of Human Rights, Internet and technology pioneers Vint Cerf, Wendy Hall and Tim Berners-Lee, along with key visionaries and positive change agents, will convene to reflect on the past three decades and pave the path for the future of the Internet, determining what it means for connected societies and those yet to be connected. These are some of the smartest minds of the past and future getting together in one room to make a stand on what our future holds! 

“We have watched the Internet evolve over 35 years of operation and now have a unique opportunity to apply what we’ve learned to frame the next thirty years of the Internet arc,” said Vint Cerf, chair of the People-Centered Internet coalition. “We must help the next generation assure that the Internet remains an accessible, affordable and inclusive infrastructure for good.”

The event is called “Our People-Centered Digital Future.” Check out the conversation already taking place - #OurDigitalFuture. 

Some of the topics will include:

  • How historic notions of human rights translate to the digital world 
  • How identity and personal data transcend national boundaries
  • How to avoid the threat of digitally enabled tyrannies
  • How to work toward more people-centered societies
  • How to create a benevolent distribution of power in a digitally connected world

This event aligns with the mission of the People-Centered Internet coalition (PCI), which aims to ensure that the Internet continues to improve people’s lives and livelihoods, and the WebFoundation, which works for a world where everyone has the same rights and opportunities online. 

Portions of the event will be globally live streamed through YouTube. The day will close out with a special VIP gala celebrating the launch of the PCI Challenges, which looks to recognize those groups and communities working to build a more benevolent digital future.

Intereted in attending and being part of this historic event? Want to sponsor or be involved? Reach out to us!

For more information, visit: https://www.constellationr.com/events/PCDF