Last year Constellation Research launched a new analysis product, the Constellation ShortList.  As part of the research lifecycle, our analysts periodically capture the state of play of particular vendor sub-categories, and short list the companies we think are most important at that time.  The ratings are based on the characteristics that make a certain technology transformative or disruptive.  We update the shortlists regularly not only because new products and players constantly emerge, but because the metrics themselves change as categories evolve. 

Constellation ShortLists are free to download.

I’ve recently updated two ShortLists, for Distributed Ledger Technology Labs, and Cloud Identity Management.  Both of these have been relatively stable for the past three months, but please stay tuned for a step change in the Distributed Ledger landscape.  The recent announcements of Hyperledger Fabric, IBM’s Blockchain-as-a-Service built on Fabric, and the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance prove how dynamic this field has become. 

The next Distributed Ledger Labs shortlist will almost certainly see several new players, from tech companies and the consulting houses, and maybe even a start-up.

If you have any news in the blockchain technology or identity management ecosystems, new applications we should look at, or R&D that is coming out of the labs, do let me know.  Reach me at [email protected]. And check out my latest analysis at