Ten Things CIOs Need to Know About WebRTC webinar wrapup

Today we presented the webinar "Ten Things CIOs NEED to Know About WebRTC". Here are a few highlights from the event:

WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communications) is a technology that enables point-to-point or multipoint voice, video, and data communications without plugins.

  • WebRTC is the next disruption
  • WebRTC is native and built into web browsers. Currently being developed by Google, Mozilla, Opera, and a handfull of other communications companies. 
  • Voice, video, and data become part of the fabric of the internet; no longer a plugin or application. This technology will be embedded in everything we do on the internet.
  • WebRTC is enabled through JavaScript programming 
  • WebRTC will be compatible across browsers. 
  • WebRTC makes voice, video, and data ubiquitious across the devices we use
  • Think of WebRTC as an enabler--like HTML; not a market

WebRTC creates opportunities

  • Customer service
  • Training
  • Conferencing/collaboration
  • Maintenance, break/fix services
  • Gaming
  • more...

Watch the webinar 

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Constellation Research has published a report about the coming WebRTC revolution, "Ten Things CIOs Should Know About WebRTC". 
Included in this report:

  1. Where's the money for me in WebRTC?
  2. How WebRTC will disrupt the current communications industry
  3. The timing of the WebRTC standard
  4. The islands WebRTC will create (for better or for worse)
  5. Why offerings like Skype may not go away
  6. Why Microsoft opposes WebRTC as it's presently constituted
  7. How WebRTC will play into the world of mobile devices including smartphones and tablets
  8. Why WebRTC may not disrupt all complex collaboration, only most of it
  9. The millions of interfaces that will emerge to invoke WebRTC capabilities
  10. Identifying and classifying the WebRTC players
  11. Eight recommendations organizations can take now to prepare for WebRTC's disruptive capabilities

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