We had the opportunity to attend the TCS analyst summit in Boston, the event was well attended, with over 50 analysts (my estimate) in the audience. 


Before leaving Boston I recorded this short video - so take a peek:


Here are the key takeaways:

  • TCS understands all areas of disruption well, and has customers live in all areas from Customer Experience over IoT to digital transformation.
  • The provider is running its own IaaS in India, UK, US and Australia, the TCS Cloud is being rolled out further into the Nordic Countries and Canada. 
  • TCS has made investments into enabling the BPaaS (Business Process as a Service) - with TAP - TCS Accounts Payable, supporting 40+ countries today.


TCS is well aware of the fundamental transformation that is happening to the consulting, system integrator and outsourcing services space. Wage arbitration is a diminishing factor, so it is good to see that TCS not only understands the new disruptive scenarios, but also masters the technologies and has customer references to show in each of them. Promising are also investments on IaaS side as well as the BPaaS side.
On the concern side we see a services vendor building more product, never an easy transformation, that so far has only happened in very few occasions. TCS executives understand that there is a one time opportunity to capitalize on in regards of building next generation products for the best practices of the infinite computing era, I missed the presentation of the ignio platform due to schedule issues.
And last but not least - a compilation of key tweets from the event: