What’s the news: Google wants to help recruiters be more successful. It wants them to use G-Suite to schedule appointments, Gmail to email with applicants and internal stakeholders, use Google Search to make job post more attractive. Google has also thought of reports and data migration to get started. Hire leverages assets from Bebop – the ‘acquihire’ that brought Diane Greene to Google. The link to the earlier shipped Google Jops API isn’t fully clear, but its more likely than not leveraged.

Why it matters: Recruiting or more fancy Talent Acquisition is a team sport that is highly fragmented from a systems perspective. Making it easier for the recruiter and the hiring manager is a key to make hiring decisions faster and better, which matters in a tightening jobs market and is crucial for an enterprise to accelerate. 
Google Hire Screenshots from Google's Hire website

MyPOV: Google is getting more and more in the enterprise software space / SaaS market. Good to see it knows that e.g. data migration and reports are a must for the enterprise. It will have to answer questions soon in regards of plans to offer more than recruiting capabilities, e.g. onboarding and learning come to mind. And let’s not forget the veritable market presence LinkedIn (and Microsoft) have in this space. Don’t be surprised if Microsoft ‘embraces and extends’ this automation area at some point and: Microsoft's LinkedIn acquisition makes both vendors already competitors. More competition is good for customers - making products better, licensing competitive etc. So there is little not to like of Google announcing Hire.

CxO Advice – If your recruiting team and / or company is a Google shop, definitively take a look. If not look at the value of the APIs. It’s unlikely a superior recruiting product can unseat Outlook in an enterprise – this is why all the other recruiting vendors offers interfaces to Outlook (and increasingly, G-Suite). Google may learn this in the next quarters, so stay tuned. Even if you can’t move – ask your recruiting vendors for the same features – on their platform.