Nothing is more feared by the colleagues of the writing press than summer, when nothing happens. But this summer is off to a different start – with substantial news coming out in the 2nd half of July...

Here are the key ones for my coverage area on Enterprise Acceleration, Future of Work and NextGen Apps (in alphabetical order and barring nothing else major happens - July ain't over yet):
  • Google introduces Hire
  • Infor introduces Coleman
  • Microsoft makes Azure Stack available
  • Oracle puts money into IaaS
  • SAP makes Leonardo more tangible
  • Samsung has a its best quarter
  • Workday announces a PaaS
And I  will try a new format across these blog posts:
  • What’s the news – A quick paragraph on what happened – with link to vendor announcement.
  • Why it matters – My take why this is a key development.
  • MyPOV – My usually take on the news.
  • CxO Advice – What’s a CxO to do now. Some advice on the next steps and for who it matters.
Hope you enjoy the format – let me know what you think – stay tuned.