New technologies and changing demographics fundamentally change the workplace. My newest report, "Inside The Future of HCM",  helps you adapt to the ever-changing work paradigm by identifying the forces shaping the future of Human Capital Management. 

This report identifies seven trends influencing the Future of HCM. 

Seven Trends Influencing the Future of HCM

 State of HCM Constellation Research

HCM in 2015 Must Address Human Talent's Role in Digital Transformation 

Organizations should embrace the fundamental change that new technologies and changing demographics affect on the the workforce by using the shift as an agent of digital transformation. Constellation recommends organizations prepare their systems and people for digital transformation with six actions: 

  1. Understand your employee demographics
  2. Define your strategic direction
  3. Plan people needs for the next five years 
  4. More included in full report

The report snapshot and table of contents is available for download.