Third party support provider Rimini Street has launched local operations and expanded its capabilities to deliver software support in Japan. The Company has signed several new clients in Japan since beginning local operations, and had been serving Japanese multinational organizations on a global basis for years. Rimini Street estimates that the enterprise software maintenance market in Japan surpasses ¥120 billion per annum for SAP and Oracle products.


The Company recently appointed a new executive team for Nihon Rimini Street and is hiring a significant number of local support, development and tax, legal and regulatory research personnel. The Nihon Rimini Street executive leadership team includes:

Mr. Kazuya Ohta. Ohta-san joined Nihon Rimini Street from Sabre Decision Technologies International and reports to Mr. Andrew Powell, Rimini Street's managing director for Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.

Mr. Hisamichi Nagamori.  A 15-year veteran of the IT industry, and has been appointed vice president of sales for Nihon Rimini Street. Nagamori-san joined Nihon Rimini Street from IBM Japan.

Mr. Tomonori Oku.  Another 15-year veteran of the IT Industry, and has been appointed vice president of service delivery for Nihon Rimini Street. Oku-san joined Nihon Rimini Street from Qunie, a subsidiary of NTT Data.

“Our significant investment to expand operations locally into the Japanese market was accelerated by strong demand from local Japanese organizations ,” said Ohta-san.

Rimini Street enables its clients to run their current software releases without any required upgrades for at least 10 years and provides support for customizations and Japanese tax, legal and regulatory updates.

“Rimini Street is committed to meeting and exceeding the high standards expected by our Japanese clients. ” said Mr. Seth Ravin, Rimini Street CEO. “We  are the first and only independent software maintenance provider to achieve ISO 9001:2008 certification for quality and ISO 27001 certification for information security.”

Internationally  the company can be contacted directly at +1 702-839-9671.