Retrospective - 2012 SuperNova Award Winner - ARI using SAP HANA

We are taking a look at previous SuperNova winners, in advance of the 2014 SuperNova competition. The SuperNova awards are unique in the industry as they focus on how leaders and their teams overcame the odds and resistance to implement modern technologies in their respective enterprises. 

What is remarkable in my view is, that under the leadership of then SVP & CIO Stephen Haindl adopted the SAP HANA database very early - at a point when there were less than 100 customers using HANA. And implementing technology early is one thing, using it to transform the way how business is done is the key. And the team at ARI did that, by providing insights to executives on a faster, scalable way. E.g. reports that would take over 24 hours to run and would even often time out - are now available in minutes. If you want to read more about ARI using HANA - you can find the award post here.

Know an innovative technology adoption story? 

If you know an innovative uptake of technology - feel free to nominate it here. We look forward to the 2014 SuperNova nominations.

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