By now you know the idea... Check out the Q1 (here) and Q2 (here) shootouts on Next Generation Applications. These quarters were won by Microsoft with Conversation as a Platform and Pivotal / Cloud Foundry.  


In case you wonder about the methodology - check out the above links, too - no need to repeat here.
And here is Q3 2016 - all related to NextGen Apps - the research area that covers when enterprises build new software - what are the use cases, the tools, the platforms, the players, the best practises etc. 
[Apologies - time to market forced me to play the bracket right to left.]

Round #1 Dropouts

  • Unit4 Business Prevero - 2016 was the year of predictive analytics morphing into Machine Learning, and for the aggressive messaging makers of the industry, into artificial intelligence. Unit4 did not miss out with the acquisition of prevero, strengthening the vendors BI and CPM capabilities (read here). But not a match to Dell's acquisition of EMC (read here).
  • AWS Enterprise Summit Frankfurt - AWS continues its progress around the world, and while interest and projects are high, in more conservative locations, like Frankfurt in Germany, enterprises were not comfortable to share their plans, status, projects on a keynote stage (more here). Box's move to AWS / the public cloud garnered more CxO attention and goes on (read here).
  • GE & Microsoft - It was also the year in which pretty all SaaS properties choose their IaaS partners. GE chose Azure in July, a good move by all vendors (read here). But compared to the massive announcement and progress of Oracle OpenWorld - not a fair match (read here).
  • Pivotal SpringOne - The Spring network gains more popularity again, never count anyone out in application development, certainly fostered also by the popularity of CloudFoundry (our Q2 winner - read here). Interesting to see what enterprises are building on SpringOne (read here). But compared to the many announcements and developments of the Microsoft Ignite conference not a match (read here).

Round #2 Dropouts

  • Box BoxWorks - BoxWorks was an impressive event - both from a Nextgen Apps perspective and Future of Work (see Q3 on Future of Work coming soon) - announcing new capabilities across the board (read here). But compared to the news of Dell Technology, the closure of the Dell / EMC deal not a close match (read here).
  • Microsoft Ignite - Ignite was a good event for Microsoft, where the vendor showed progress and made announcements across the board, in my view the FPGA Azure architecture stood out (read here). But compared to Oracle OpenWorld, where e.g. CTO Ellison announced nothing less than 18 substantial announcements, read here.


Q3 Finals - Oracle OpenWorld beats Dell Technology

Two key events for enterprise software, next generation applications in Q3 of 2016, with massive consequences for enterprises... more than 2/3 of enterprises have some sort of Dell / Oracle product / services in place. But while Dell merits kudos for the courage or the largest IT transaction ever (read here), the road forward is much less clear than for similar categorized vendor Oracle. Oracle is more advanced in its formulation of its future than Dell at the moment, and the massive R&D push coming our of the Redwood Shores headquartered company is impressive (read here). 
So congrats to Oracle to win the Q3 2016 next generation applications shootout. 
How would you have scored the Q3 2016 news? Please comment!
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