By now you know the idea... Check out the Q1 (here) and Q2 (here) shootouts on Next Generation Applications. These quarters were won by Ceridian and Microsoft (acquisition of LinkedIn).  


In case you wonder about the methodology - check out the above links, too - no need to repeat here.
Here you go for Q3 2016 - all related to Future of Work - the research area that covers how, when, what and if we work, what and how we get paid, stay motivated and balance the work / life relationship:
[Apologies - time to market forced me to play the bracket right to left.]

Round #1 Dropouts

  • O.C. Tanner Analyst Day - Good to see a vendor which has a long history in reward and recognition to look further, mainly talent management software (read here). Not a fair match up with HR giant ADP and its analyst day (read here), but that's the luck of the draw. .
  • Box BoxWorks - Documents and files play a huge role in the way how we work, and Box has come up with substantial new capabilities (read here), also the only vendor to make it the last 8 in both my research areas. But Workday moving its development and test environments to IBM garnered even more attention from people leaders (read here). 
  • NASSCOM HR Summit - I had the honor to keynote at the NASSCOM HR summit this summer and it was good to get a first hand pulse of where HR and people best practises are in India (read here). Not the same league as Oracle acquiring NetSuite, which gathered more CxO attention (read here).
  • Randstad acquires Monster - A key move by Randstad - moving more into HR automation, or more specifically Talent Management (read here) - the verdict will be out in 2017 (read here). Paired against SAP SucessFactor's user conference, a less impactful news item (read here).

Round #2 Dropouts

  • Workday & IBM - A key partnership for Workday, moving its internal development and test systems to IBM, hinting, but not confirming a more standardized and portable approach to its applications for its next application architecture (read here). But compared to the impact of ADP's analyst day, less a item that captured HR leaders around the world (read here). 
  • Oracle acquires NetSuite - While probably the most impact full acquisition in the ERP market of 2016, it's Future of Work dimension is relatively small (read here). NetSuite partners and partnered with Ultimate and will keep doing so until further notice. The impact of the announcements and progress reported at SConnect eclipsed that impact for people leaders (read here).


Q3 Finals - SAP SuccessFactors beats ADP 

Two key events for the Future of Work in Q3. And ADP launching its bench marking, salary review and overall Data Cloud offerings was a strong finalists (read here). Getting adoption of Vantage was key development for both vendor and customer base. The overall push that SuccessFactors is orchestrating across the product suite beat that narrowly (read here). Worthwhile mention on the side of the campaign to help eliminate bias with the help of Machine Learning. 
So congrats to SAP SuccessFactors to win the Q3 2016 Future of Work shootout. 
How would you have scored the Q3 2016 news? Please comment!
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