By now you will be familiar with my year end development and trends shootout, this one is about Future of Work trends and developments in Q2 2016. If you missed the Q1 Future of Work post - it can be found here.


Here you go for Q1 2016 - all related to Future of Work - the research area that covers how, when, what and if we work, what and how we get paid, stay motivated and balance the work / life relationship. If you wonder on the process - all laid out in the Q1 post - read here.


[Apologies - time to market forced me to play the bracket right to left.]
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Round #1 Dropouts

  • NGA HR - unshackled - NGA HR, the former NorthGate Arinso managed to renegotiate and shed itself of substantial debt, expecting a brighter future for the 'All Things HR' specialist - with a focus on Global HR BPO (read more here). Not enough to trump the Microsoft Hololens, but this was a match-up of non equals both in vendor size and announcement category (read here).
  • Equifax EFX Forum - Another got event for the compliance specialist, one of the few vendors who can solve one of the top concerns of CxOs, compliance, with a Compliance as a Service (CaaS) offering (more here). But Cornerstone adding to its HCM automaton portfolio with adding HR Core capabilities had more impact (read here).
  • SAP SuccessFactors Analyst Summit - SuccessFactors found a way forward, to lift all products with common horizontal and platform plans. Very important to consolidate the mixed acquisition history, and very welcome by customers and prospects (read here). But sparred against one of the biggest acquisitions in enterprise history, a clear win for Microsoft (read here).
  • HireVue Digital Disruption - HireVue keeps innovating in the area of video recruiting and Talent Acquisition overall (read here). Good progress and an interesting foray into the (bigger) coaching market - but no competition to the sheer breadth of announcements and progress made by Oracle at HCM World (read here).

Round #2 Dropouts

  • Microsoft Hololens - Much progress made by Microsoft Hololens in 2016, we had a chance to build a mini applicaiton during the developer conference Build in San Francisco (read here).The mixed reality vision is compelling - now Microsoft needs to convicne developers to build the apps for Hololens. More immediate impact by Cornerstone, and more direct talk of people leaders (read here). 
  • Oracle HCM World - A broad push around the core was the key strategy and announcement trail at HCM World, with Helpdesk, Learning and more Work / Life offerings (read here). But more impact happened from the Microsoft and LinkedIn tie in (read here). 


Q1 Finals - Microsoft / LInkedIn wins over Cornerstone

While Cornerstone portfolio enhancement move remains impressive (read here), the acqusition of LinkedIn by Microsoft garnered even more interest. Not a fair match-up - but it all happened in Q2. More questions than answers specifically on the HCM side, but Microsoft probably acquired a Top 3 HCM vendor with LinkedIn - without mentioning it (more here and here). Congrats to Microsoft / LinkedIn to making it to the 2016 finals!
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