We have the opportunity to attend Pivotal’s SpringOne Platform conference in Las Vegas, held from August 1st till 4th 2016. The conference is well attended with over 2000 participants, a record for a Spring conference. But then no surprise as Spring is the framework that works probably best with Pivotal’s PaaS product, CloudFoundry, so a large part of the attendees are building applications on CloudFoundry. 

So take a look at my musings on the event here: (if the video doesn’t show up, check here)

No time to watch – here is the 1-2 slide condensation (if the slide doesn’t show up, check here):
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Here you go: Always tough to pick the takeaways – but here are my Top 3:

Full SDLC support coming – Pivotal wants more pieces of the overall SDLC, or at least what Pivotal throughout the event showed as a 6 step from idea to software delivery cycle. With Tracker, Concourse and PCF Metrics there is no more support for requirements management and tracking, CI and well, metrics. Enterprises will appreciate more integrated tools coming out of one hand, as the last thing a project team needs is integration issues along the software delivery cycle.

Spring is in its 2nd spring – The almost venerable Spring network has found its second spring and has become the tool of choice for enterprises building on top of Pivotal CloudFoundry. It is almost like Pokémon is the success of PokemonGo – a well-established and known brand from the past making a comeback in a new settings. Most developers are familiar with and have heard of Spring, around 10 years ago. Then it got a little quieter and now, well it’s in its 2nd spring…

Attractive CloudFoundry investment themes – Pivotal shared the CloudFoundry investment themes and they were welcomed well by the attendants. Needless to list them all but appropriate for the event it is all about making CloudFoundry the best platform for… spring. The focus on multi-cloud has paid of very handsomely for CloudFoundry, and the focus on containers and microservices is high on the agenda for enterprises that plan to build – or are building – next generation applications.



A good event for Pivotal and the SpringOne Platform community that is growing and adding more capabilities…. Always a good ‘flywheel’ situation for a platform and its framework. The investment direction seems right and was approved well, owning more pieces of the SDLC is a good strategy for Pivotal.

On the concern side it is really what the next steps after the immediate and announced ones will be. Adoption remains a challenge for all players, it is one thing to select a tool, a totally different challenge to become a software producer for almost every enterprise. Breaking with the best practice of using standard software and starting to build you own next generation applications is a major internal transformation. From a product capability it will be interesting to see what Pivotal can / will do to make its platform more strategic, e.g. Machine Learning, out of the box capabilities, industry support and more mobile functionality are my bets.

Overall a very good event for Pivotal. It is a good problem to have for a software vendor when there are no to very few immediate problems what is next looks attractive and the only concern is – what comes after next. We will be watching, stay tuned.

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