It’s a new year, and while I don’t like setting unobtainable resolutions, I do take the opportunity to reset and create a clear path for the next 6-12 months. This week on DisrupTV, a solid theme arose from our interviews that we should all consider as we set off to find success in this new year.

Embrace Change.

 “Today will be the slowest things will ever be moving,” explained Stuart Miniman, host & senior analyst at theCUBE. Let that sink in…

The speed in which technology is disrupting business processes is daunting. We adopt these new tools with the purpose of easing a pain points, but they sometimes make our work lives much more complicated (just ask your IT guy/gal!). And while we spent some time on the show geeking out on the techy topics, such as multi-clouds, SaaS, serverless, AI, containers and IoT, this theme translates to all parts of an organization. You can’t stand still and get stuck in “this is how we do things.” That’s exactly how you get left behind.

Augment Humanity.

Rachel Happe, co-founder & principal at The Community Roundtable, expanded upon the sentiments. She was trained to do better than technology. Times are changing; we need to train people to complement technology. We need to do what AI and other technologies can’t, she explained.

We, as humans, provide creativity and the authentic connections needed to build strong communities. Our value lives in the true personalization at each touchpoint that technology can’t offer. We are the weakest link if we don’t change our mindsets and build our skillsets in a new way. She expressed the need to truly engage, build relationships, and learn, alongside the tools available to us.

Meet Without Distractions.

Embracing change is a good focal point for 2019. The end goal will still be there, but if we can stay nimble through the constant state of change, we can meet that end destination in maybe a better way than we imagined.  

So how do we cut out the noise, manage the chaos and get a solid standing in the ever-evolving world around us? Technology has and will continue to accelerate how we conduct business. We must change WITH technology but also learn there’s time to grow and change WITHOUT it.

Here’s a place to start: Set up meetings without distractions. This may mean pulling out the trusty notepads and leaving phones/computers turned off (Gasp!). Visual Strategist Heather Willems discussed the importance of focusing your attention in meetings. Using visual strategy to draw up what is being said helps focus the conversation, heighten engagement and capture the essence of sometimes complete chaos. The final product helps illustrate goals, action plans and direction for the team. You can then present it visually to create a constant reminder for everyone, keeping the team focused and honest.

I used to doodle in every tedious meeting I was dragged into early in my career. Little did I know that I was actually focusing my energy into the conversation and learning!

To really keep up with the competition, build a stronger team, grow professionally, tackle market shifts and just keep sane day to day, accept today’s reality, continue to learn, and embrace change. These small steps will kick off 2019 strong and help set a solid path for growth personally and professionally.

I’ve only just skimmed the top of the great advice! Please check out the full discussions in the video replay here or the podcast. The knowledge shared during the three interviews is invaluable! Tune in every week for DisrupTV on Fridays 11 AM PT/2 PM ET. Continuous learning is the best path to instill change.