During the Fall of 2014 at Salesforce’s annual conference Dreamforce, I gave a presentation titled “From Clippy to JARVIS" where I explained how the next generation of software was going to assist people in getting their work done. Back then, terms like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning had not reached the massive level of hype that they are currently experiencing today. Instead, my presentation discussed topics like task automation, extracting insights, and providing recommendations. Since that presentation over two years ago, I’ve worked with dozens of enterprise software vendors, innovative new startups, and customers of Constellation on how AI can help their employees get work done. That work formed the foundation for my newest report, Why Artificial Intelligence Will Power the Future of Work.

This new report is intended for C-suite executives and Line of Business managers who want to understand why there is so much talk about AI these days, how it’s important to their businesses, the use-cases and benefits it can provide, and also prepare them for the challenges that the future of AI-enhanced software must overcome.

Below is a glance at what is contained in the report.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Artificial Intelligence Delivers a Game Changer to the Future of Work
  • AI-Enhanced Software Learns while Traditional Software Is Static
  • How Does a Machine Learn?
  • AI Requires Five Core Components for Success
  • AI Will Augment Humanity over Time
  • Expect AI to Rapidly Show Up in Applications
  • Where AI Helps People Get Work Done
  • AI Must Overcome Six Human Challenges
  • Recommendations
  • The Bottom Line

Executive Summary
Artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as one of the most important trends affecting the future of work.  While the study of AI has been around for decades, advancements in computing power and access to huge data sets now bring AI capabilities closer to reality. Enterprise software vendors are working on new versions of their applications that use AI to help employees be more productive. For instance, these AI-enhanced programs can help bring to light important information, assist in expense reporting, automate content creation, and help connect the right people at the right time. This report serves as a Beginners Guide to AI, explaining some basic concepts and then providing examples of how AI-enhanced software can help employees get work done and augment humanity. Finally, Constellation provides recommendations on how organizations should prepare for artificial intelligence’s role in the future of work.

Constellation Research customers can purchase the full report, Why Artificial Intelligence Will Power the Future of Workby clicking here.   

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