I recently was asked at a conference if Onboarding was more part of Recruiting or Succession Management… which reminded me of this musings post that I wanted to blog since a long time…

Lets look how the future of people management is going to change for enterprises - first gradually, then with accelerating speed:

  • Talent is short in supply - We know that the first world is suffering from a workforce qualification problem, enterprises need to prepare for that.
  • The silver tsunami is coming - Most developed countries also see an aging workforce as a key challenge on the road ahead.
  • Life / Work Balance matters - For the first time we are seeing people en masse deciding for a better Life / Work balance and opting for Life.
  • The shift to Projects - We are seeing a departure from lifelong employment, baked positions held for decades to a more flexible composition of teams that get work done.
Certainly there are more trends, but let’s leave it at these four. What they ultimately mean for enterprises is, that people need to onboard and offboard much faster and much more often. Hence let’s not talk anymore about Onboarding and / or Offboarding - but Transboarding.
Key features of Transboarding systems will be
  • Seamlessly onboard existing employees, potential hires and external contractors and freelancers.
  • Have a project approach to positions and a temporary view on project team composition.
  • Consider project position timelines and upcoming projects skill needs in Learning systems
  • Formalize project start and end charters.
  • Formalize position transfers in a transparent and scalable way.
  • Formalize project transitions in a transparent and scalable way.  
Currently there are no vendors of Transboarding systems, and maybe my musings is a fluke.
But Talent Management vendors have some of the necessary components like Recruiting, Onboarding and Learning, Project Management vendors have the functionality around project charters and timelines. Some HR core vendors have formalized position transfers and handovers.
So the pieces are there - will we see Transboarding as a new functional HCM building block? Share your POV.

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