We have the opportunity to attend Microsoft's developer conference Build in San Francisco. The attend is well attended with over 5000 participants.

My colleague, Alan Lepofsky, and my own takeaways from Day #1, take a look:
No time to watch - we have summarized our findings in one slide:
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A good start for Microsoft at Build. Microsoft has been often behind the latest trends and then had to catch up - this time with Conversation as a Platform the vendor maybe ahead of the curve. Good to see and good to see that all of the Day #1 keynote was - apart from the general availability of Hololens - all centered on Conversation as a Platform. 
There is no surprise why Microsoft has a focus on this, CEO Nadella at one point called the new offering 'Computation as a Platform' - which is clear all along, as a lot of compute is required to power the artificial intelligence, machine learning and bots behind Conversation as a Platform. And Microsoft needs to find more load for Azure - once the current wave of Office conversions runs out. 
For customers overall it is good news that Microsoft has aligned on a vision for product that is more specific and measurable than the 30k+ feet 'mobile first / cloud first' moniker. Making workers more productive is something that matters to enterprises, and with a lot of innovation happening in email (!) right now we maybe up to the next generation of applications, or as Nadella puts it - up to a new platform.
For developers the good news is that Microsoft has shipped SDKs and frameworks that make the daunting task of building these applications easy. And Microsoft has to make it easy for the developer community, as it is proficient in the general aspects of the Microsoft stack, but not on the more advanced BigData, MachineLearning, Language processing etc. skills that are needed to built these next generation conversational platforms. 
A good start for Build - looking forward to Day #2, stay tuned. 

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